Friday, November 29, 2013

Music Soothes the Soul

Music has always been and always will be part of who I am and a 'tool' I use to sooth my soul and improve my emotional/logical response to my environment.  I find that his music is therapeutic in ways people with addiction disorder can not only relate to, but will allow the listener to express themselves through the power of song. 

Brandon Jenkins is Central Texas Country Music Singer and Song Writer. He is extremely talented and is a true inspiration to me. 

Brandon Jenkins Songs:
1) No More

This would be an excellent gift to yourself and/or someone else that may be living with addiction / mental disorder diagnosis and anyone else that enjoys a little southern soul. For me, his music helps support the freedom mentally and in my soul to continue to be successful and "happy, happy, happy" as Phil Robertson would say. 

I study scientific and cognitive strategies to increase the success of living and helping others live a sustainable, meaningful and manageable way of life.  I actively use positive visuals and music (without a significant amount of bass) with high school students I coach on the baseball field, in the classroom and community (heavy sounds of bass are proven to stimulate the brain and inadvertently increase aggressive emotions / reactions to circumstances).  

Allowing students to listen to music when independently working in the classroom, on the baseball field during high school practice proves to increase work productivity, attitude, performance and effort.  The music seems to get in touch with their emotional approach to tasks and reactions to stimuli in their environment.  High school students tend to base their decisions and well-being on emotional reactions rather than a balanced logical / emotional response.  As their brains continue to develop and they face tough decisions that will effect the rest of their life, teaching them the strategy of using music as a subconscious tool that will psycho-chemically change their brain function and in response increase their success to the outcome of what they are doing in the 'now' and in the future.

I highly recommend listening to the songs above and exploring Brandon Jenkins life-story.  

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