Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Robertsons and Recovery

Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed discuss their Struggles in Life as a Family and Individually.  

This Interview addresses their experience with Addiction to Alcohol, Living with an Active Alcoholic, Suicide - Reed's discussion with Jase, Heightened Media Status and how Living through Christ Keeps them Empowered

A Reality of Life as a Connected Family, Living with  Serenity, Peace, Health and being "Happy, Happy, Happy" - Phil Robertson.

 The Robertson's - 'I am Second'

I am also sharing a link below to a product called Google Chromecast. I do not get paid to put this product on my site, so please do not think I am trying to sell something. 

 Purchase Google Chromecast for $35

 Easily Connects to TV and Is a Plug & Play after Linking with Wireless Network

I have the Google Chromecast App on my Iphone 5, Ipad, Nexus Tablet and can use all of these devices to control the Chromecast.  You are also to use your device as normal and still show movies, Youtube Videos, Netflix, Pictures, Etc. 

For instance, I put on the 'I Am Second' Robertson Video and hit the home button on my phone and was able to take notes of key points and quotes said by Phil Robertson. I have also started a Netflix video for my kids and hit the home button on my Nexus Tablet and continued to work on e-mail in a completely different part of my house.

I use the Google Chromecast as a tool to show my family cool and interesting videos I find on Facebook, TED Talks, Youtube, etc.

It is well worth the $35 dollars and is much better than having the family crowd around a cell phone or Ipad to view something.

I hope you will click on the video and watch the whole thing about the Robertson's.  It is a 26 min video, but you will be engaged and lose track of time after the first 20 seconds. 


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