Monday, December 30, 2013

To Thine Own Self Be True

"To Thine Own Self, Be True"

 Mark's Medallions and Jewelry

The picture above is one of the Recovery Rings Hazelden Treatment Center sells on-line.  I am an Alumni of Hazelden, Cronan Unit, and bought this ring the day I got home from treatment. This is more than just a ring to me. This unique ring symbolizes the tremendous self-help, guidance to a life-long recovery and a stepping stone to my life of Active Recovery, not just Sobriety. 

Saturday was Blessed Day. My Wife gave birth to our Miraculous Son. I have the Honor to have an Authentic Relationship with my Family as a Devoted Husband, Father and Son. My Family and the Faith I Share with my Higher Power, are the  Cornerstones to my Active Recovery.

Active Recovery will Always be a continued Journey of Faith and Loving Connections with my Family, Parents, Hazelden Alumni Connection, Google+ / Facebook / Twitter Communities and My Higher-Power - Jesus Christ, My Savior. 

I work everyday to make sure my words and actions are aligned with the my support groups and my recovery program.  It is a daily evaluation / inventory that I take and is critical to my success in recovery.  I often think how I responded to different people, situations and diversity during my days so I can improve them by taking action.  The actions / responses I take that are aligned with my goals are also applauded and I give myself reassurance of feeling proud and dignified.  

Recovery from addiction is a daily way of life.  A person has to learn the tools and USE the TOOLS to help them achieve RECOVERY beyond SOBRIETY.  If you are Miserable in your RECOVERY from addiction, then you MUST EVALUATE what you are doing or not doing to ALIGN what you WANT with what is HAPPENING.  Misery and UNHAPPINESS with LEAD to RELAPSE through an express lane.  A person with this DISEASE of ADDICTION will eventually RATIONALIZE why they can use again to make themselves feel better again.  

TAKING an INVENTORY of yourself is a hard thing to do daily or almost daily, but it is CRITICAL to COMPLETE so you can stay ALIGNED with your Treatment Plan.  If you do not have a TREATMENT PLAN from a rehab center, it may be time to look into what is offered in your area and/or country.  I attribute my success to going to two of the top rehab centers in the WORLD, Hazelden (MN) and La Hacienda (TX).  

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