Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Addiction Recovery Tools for 2014

2014 is a Year of Continued Progress in the Community of Treating Alcohol / Drug Addiction Disorder and Mental Health Illnesses. 

The words RESEARCH BASED are in CAPS for a GOOD REASON... They have been developed for 25+ Years and continue to be improved based on the new evolutions of quantitative, measurable data collection / research studies. 

A trusted source that is used among the top medical professionals, treatment counselors, addiction specialists are from Hazelden Treatment Books and Materials

Introduction of 'Slick': 
As people become desperate in times of the realization that they need addiction self-help, the rationalization the addiction impedes their decision to identify and find resources that directly address the addiction. This rationalization of researching a 'quick-fix' to addiction disorder / disease is referred to by the Hazelden Treatment Organization as 'Slick'. While at treatment in Hazelden (Center City, MN), Slick identified as a bestfriend, loyal / honest / trusting companion, etc. At La Hacienda, 6 years after Hazelden, I learned the same concept of rationalization by having a fictional 'support' person in my mind. 

La Hacienda Staff & Hazelden Staff both made the comparison going through and being in active recovery as a divorce, complete removal of a life long best friend from your life or the passing away of a loved one. 
Remember... This is the 'fictional person' in your life that provided you with coping strategies and was there in the good times and in the most difficult times in your life. I refer to this fictional character in my life as a 'Devil on My Shoulder' and the 'Addiction Demon'.  Finding the right self-help, addiction treatment strategies, plan, is imperative to success against the 'Devil on My Shoulder'. 

So which one are you going to feed? 

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