Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alcohol Addiction Causes Physical and Emotional Damage

Alcohol Causes Severe Depressed Brain Activity During Use and an Unproven Amount of Consumption (Amount of Alcohol Consumed, Frequency, Type). 

The use of Alcohol, whether it is Binge Drinking episode(s) or Regular Use has been Proven to Cause Permanent Damage in the neurological pathways of the Brain and other Organs such as the heart, kidney's, liver, eyes, nervous system, etc. 

There is no determination of an exact amount of alcohol or frequency that can be proven to be safe or detrimental. 

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Alcohol Addiction continues to destroy many peoples lives by causing physical and intellectual damage.  

Seek help by calling a treatment center or other medical professionals in your area.  People out there that are professionals are there to listen and not judge you. 

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