Friday, September 12, 2014

Don't Say Why Me, Say Try Me for Successful Living

If you have a perception of "why me" while living with addiction and mental illness, your perception is going to lead you down a stressful and difficult road.  People with addiction and mental illness disorders must view life in a peaceful mode of operation and with a different mind-set of "try me" to achieve why the mind can conceive.

The easiest road to take is the "I am a victim" road and "why do negative things keep happening to me". You must realize that the world has not aligned the stars to make your life miserable and to give you something you can't handle. The help from your Higher Power and others will guide you to serenity and peace.  

Staying connected with a general perception of focusing on the solution and not the problem is one of the key's to successful living.  Recovery road starts off as a gravel road with pot-holes compared to the easy road of addiction that will result in a dead-end. I can guarantee you its worth it to put yourself into 4-wheel-drive and continue down recovery road because life will get better with sobriety and recovery.  The road will become smoother and you will soon realize that you are traveling towards success and a healthy way of living through your body, mind and spirit.

People can not be effectively be treated for mental illness while actively using addictive substances as a drug addict or an alcoholic.  It is not possible that your medication or therapy can work with 100% meaningfulness and chemically if drugs and alcohol are being ingested at high rates or in general.  I have first-hand experience with my psychiatrist trying to treat me effectively for bipolar and generalized anxiety while being an active alcoholic.  I had irrational thoughts that alcohol was more important than taking some of my medications, because alcohol was not recommended to use while on the types of medications I was on.

I am now being treated effectively for my addiction and mental illnesses through medication and mental health therapy provided by my psychiatrist, recommendations from my psychiatrist and online AA meetings.  Lately, I have been having serious anxiety about going to places with a lot of people or sitting in traffic with a lot of cars.  I have avoided places like Walgreen's at 5:00pm, high school football games, restaurants, stores, etc. I have been in active recovery, taking medications for bipolar and ADHD for three years to live a successful life and not be the victim.  One thing that helped me recognize that I was taking a victim stance is talking to a loved one, my wife.  Her and I have open communication about how we are both feeling and we trust each other that we can point our personal defects of one another during situations.  It is critical to have a trusted individual in your life that will help you hold yourself accountable and not enable you by having responses to hold you accountable, unless it is related to a relapse.

Take the appropriate actions in your life to change your perception of "why me" to "try me" if you are living through that mind-set.  

If you are living through the perception of "try me", continue down that road.  I have listed resources below that will give you self-help strategies and tools to either change your perception or continue a "try me" perception.

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