Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Road to Freedom

Citizen by Birth, Christian by Choice

The experience of a life time wasn't in the Bahama's or sitting on the beach in South Padre, it was at Tres Dias, a Christian Retreat for people who wish to unite with one another and their Higher Power, God.  

Tres Dias is defined as several different things and spiritual conceptions. Here is a brief passage from a Central Texas Tres Dias Informational Source (Tres Dias Website).

"Tres Dias was derived from Cursillo de Christianadad, a “short course in Christianity”, which has been active in church renewal since it’s beginnings in Spain in the 1940’s. Translated from Spanish Tres Dias means “Three Days”.   

Tres Dias is an adult ecumenical weekend which aims to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that God use Tres Dias as a tool to bring His children into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many who have attended the weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense His love in a dynamic way. 
There are now approximately 40 Tres Dias communities around the world. Tres Dias was started in 1972 and is overseen by International Tres Dias, which is made up of laity and clergy from around the world." 
Here are some quotes and other information that transformed me into a closer life with God, Recovery from Addiction the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of People on Earth and Spirits in Heaven. In this article, I will not share too much information about Tres Dias because the next Brother or Sister who go should receive the full, rejuvenating experience. 
  • "Where the Spirit Lives, There is Freedom"
  • Living in Alignment with Christ, My Chosen Higher Power
  • Balanced Life: Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Becoming Whole
  • God is Secure and Stable (My Chosen Higher Power)
  • Cleansing of the Conscientious
  • Sanctify
  • The Direction of Life to God, My Chosen Higher Power
  • The Word Becomes Flesh / Living Word in the Scripture
  • Building Character of Oneself and Spirit
  • Renewing of the Mind and Spirit
  • Obstacles Aren't from God, My Chosen Higher Power
  • Armour of God, My Chosen Higher Power
  • With God, My Chosen Higher Power, All Things are Possible
  • Love
  • Attitude
  • Atmosphere
  • Prayer
  • Leadership as a Believer in All Aspects of Life
  • Humble
  • Patience
  • Recovery
  • "One of the Greatest Gifts, is No Reaction"
  • "The Truth Defines You"
  • Accountability
  • God, My Chosen Higher Power, Lives Through All People
  • Pray for All People of this World
I could go into depth on each point and continue to write pages of points that I connected with in my Mind, Body and Spirit, but you will have to attend if you'd would like to become closer with God, the Higher Power I have Chosen.

I displayed the phrase "God, the Higher Power I have Chosen" several times above in the points I made.  In Recovery from Addiction and Mental Health, God is my Higher Power, but there are people that consider different Spirits / Objects their Higher Power and I wanted to emphasize that God is my belief. This article is not intended to push God upon thee, but to demonstrate and share the 'Word' of how Tres Dias changed my life in a recreation with God / Christ. 


Life is about Choices related to God's Plan, the Higher Power I have Chosen, to have Christ Live through Me, not Live Through His Spirit of the Everlasting. 

In Recovery from Addiction and Living a Successful Life with Mental Illness, One Must Believe in Something (example: Spirit) to explain the actions that happen that are part of God or Your Higher Power's Plan.  The Scripture, Bible, is now my Book of Life and as it maybe intimidating at first, because of the Power of the 'Word', it now makes sense to me. 

As taught in treatment centers all over the world and in the Treatment Centers I have attended, Recovery is focused on Living a Balanced Life of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Life is explainable with God, my Higher Power of Choice, Living Through You. The Most Beautiful and Inspirational Concept Behind Life, is God, My Higher Power of Choice.  His Glory Helps me Through Prayer and Conversations with My Spirit to become Strengthened, as I am Weak without the Strength of My Higher Power, God, Living Through Me. This is my Mental, Physical and Spiritual Strength that Gives me Power to Live on a Daily Basis. 

Essential Questions:

In Recovery, Mental Health, or Daily Living, are You a Believer in a Spirit or a Concept / Something Greater than Yourself? 
Are You Living Selfless to Letting Go and Letting Your Higher Power Carry the Burden of Adversity and Difficulties in Your Life? 
Every Day is a New Day... What Actions are You Going to Take Today to Become Closer to God or Your Higher Power of Choice?

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