Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Addiction Support for the Family

When is it Time to Make a Change?

Some might ask the question "when is enough, enough" for a friend or a loved one living with active addiction / substance abuse.  There is also the phrase: "I thought they loved me enough to quit for good".  Both of these statements are delicate and sensitive material when dealing with a person that is actively seeking drugs, alcohol or other things in an addictive state.  

The perception of the loved one or friend of the addict is just as important as the perception of the addict themselves.  Knowledge vs. ignorance of addiction and addiction support is key to a mutually successful relationship in the addiction community, including family, friends and loved ones of the addict themselves.  

Addiction treatment support is highly focused on treating the mind, body and spirit of the addict.  Included in this as well, is treatment of the family of the addict.  Both treatment centers I attended, had wonderful family programs to support my family members since they are also part of the addiction community now.

Hazelden Family Support Program is one of the best, if not the best rated support programs in the world. 

Hazelden Family Programs

Identifying new ways of coping with addiction and relationships

These programs are designed to promote the well-being of those who live with or care about a person with addiction.
Through education and guidance participants learn they can't control their loved one's addiction, but they can take responsibility for their own health and happiness.
The stress of living with alcohol or drug addiction can have physical, emotional, social, and spiritual consequences.
By becoming aware of the beliefs and experiences that shape their own behaviors, participants identify new, healthy ways of coping with addiction and relationships.

This intensely educational experience involves:

  • Presentations by clinical staff
  • Group discussions
  • Personal goal-setting
  • Reading and reflection
  • Fellowship with other participants
During the program, family members of patients have the opportunity to be involved in a family conference facilitated by a counselor. It is not necessary for your family member to be in treatment to participate and benefit from this program. (

Another genius support program is at LaHacienda Treatment Center outside of Kerrville, TX. 

La Hacienda Family Program:

"La Hacienda provides a three-and-one-half day program for patients and family members to attend to gain insight in the disease process and how it impacts the family unit. Whenever appropriate, each patient is encouraged to have family members participate in the family program.Our primary goal is to help each member acquire knowledge about chemical dependency issues, gain an understanding of how he/she has been personally affected by this disease, to improve communication skills, and to begin behavioral change.The educational/process group format provides information on:
  • alcoholism
  • other drug addictions
  • family dynamics
  • communication
  • recovery
  • relapse prevention
The Family Program is available to all patients and is scheduled at a time when therapeutically indicated for the patient. La Hacienda also provides weekly Family Support Groups in each outreach office in Texas."

Both of these treatment centers offer intensive family programs that will support the family of an addict.  This empowers the family to learn self help strategies and to prepare for a loved ones return from treatment, which is critical.  I have personally participated in both of these programs as an alcoholic and highly recommend Hazelden and LaHacienda Family Programs to all.


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