Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sober Halloween Activity List

Staying sober and in active recovery during nights, weekends, events and holiday's tend to be the most difficult time.  As Halloween approaches, a holiday where there are parties and social events everywhere from gatherings to walking down the street in your neighborhood and seeing a neighbor having a social event in their driveway full of drinking patrons. 
I find seeing alcohol during driveway parties the most difficult as my home and neighborhood is one of my safe places to be. While I prepare my kid's for Halloween and myself for all of the evites for Halloween parties, I am mentally preparing daily as the time nears.  

List of Halloween Safe and Sober Activities:

1) If you have kids, take them trick-or-treating a little earlier in the night to prevent being around the 9:00pm social events.

2) Be the person to hand out candy at your house. Sit outside dressed up and be that cool neighbor that is scary and fun.

3) Find a Costume and dress up. Get engaged in Halloween. 

4) Spend some time decorating your home or apartment. This will give you something to do the nights leading up to Halloween.

5) Purchase your favorite candy, sweets and splurge a little bit. Give yourself credit, where credit is do for being in active recovery by giving yourself a little party.  

6) Go to a movie with friends or family.

7) Since Halloween is on a weekend this year, take yourself and family on a little Halloween get-a-way to a pumpkin patch or where there are hay rides. Often, there is no drinking allowed at these events where it is kid focused.

8) Since your home should be a safe place with no alcohol or drugs, invite family or friends over that know your in active recovery / sober and have a get together where you are the chaperon. 
9) Volunteer in the community at a homeless shelter, food pantry, or a local church. Some churches have fun events happening on the night of Halloween or leading up to it.

10) Start that project you have been putting off for a while.  Whether it's a book you've had sitting on your desk for a month or painting a bedroom, get engaged on that activity

Remember, you are staying sober for yourself to give you a life of freedom and happiness! Keep yourself in a safe and sober environment and laugh loud.

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