Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Chains are Broken

"My Chains are Broken and I am Set Free"

Addiction Place - My Chains are Broken and I am Set Free Article

As a recovering alcoholic for 4 years and a guy that lived as an active alcoholic for 14 years, I know the difference between living with an addiction and fighting an addiction.
The first step to my life as a recovering alcoholic was acceptance.  It took me several years to accept that I was an alcoholic and needed help.  I was convicted of a DWI in 2003 year and ended up in jail, work-house and on house-arrest for an extended amount of time and it took that to get me to treatment the first time.  I still didn’t understand the difference between living as an alcoholic and fighting alcoholism everyday.  I now live as a recovering alcoholic 7 days a week / 365 days a year and it is because I know how to accept alcoholism as part of me.
The difference between living as a recovering alcoholic and a ‘dry-drunk’ is understanding how being in active recovery can provide you tremendous character strengths and self-awareness. 

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