Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Self Help in Revealing Your True Self

Others Do Not Define Me, I Define Myself! 

Revealing your true self is a life changing event and will improve the quality of your life dramatically. 

The question that one may ask themselves after reading a title such as "Revealing Your True Self" is "who am I" and "how did I get to this point in my life". 
It's important to recognize and know that revealing your true self doesn't require you to involve others. Opening up to yourself and accepting yourself is the first step to really revealing your true self. This allows you to identify what your values, beliefs, morals are and how they are aligned with your current behaviors / actions. 

How are your behaviors aligned with your values and morals? This is something to ask yourself in two different scenarios: work (professional) and home (personal). Are your behaviors and actions aligned in both places? Do you treat others at work as you would at home or vice-verse?  Taking a holestic approach to live  a balanced life is your key to success. 
Learning coping strategies that are effective in all environments will help you succeed to the next level of happiness. Find out who you really are by evaluating yourself based on your actions and the results of those actions. What is working and what isn't working? If you pondering how you have more stress in one place than the other, then evaluate the antecedent or what is causing it. 

In terms of dealing with stress at work, I'm guilty as charged for bringing home stress from work and handling it by self medicating with alcohol four years ago. That was my 'coping' strategy that I used and was extremely ineffective. As the identification of addiction is on the rise and the number of overdoses are at a staggering high, there's an epidemic in our society that is being caused by chemical / physical attributes of a person and their environmental exposure to adverse situations. Addiction led me to rock bottom in my life and I literally needed to learn how to operate as a person again. My mind was so distorted with my mental and physical reward system, that professionals caring for me related it to learning how to walk again. 

In revealing my true self, I had to admit that I was powerless over alcohol and that I was living with a mental health disorder, bipolar. It took two stints through rehab and several years of meeting with a psychiatrist to come to these terms and I'm blessed everyday that I did. I am still learning about my true self and always will on the journey of life. I know two things though: I'm not living as an active alcoholic and my life is not defined by my dual-diagnosis (Addiction and Bipolar). I define myself as a person living a valuable life. I look at how I make a difference everyday in my life and the lives of others, knowing that what others think is their opinion and perception. 

Others do not define me, I define myself and I live by this statement through and through! Only you can make yourself truly happy and it comes from an internal light in your soul. Once you find out you you truly are and what you truly believe that light will start to burn brighter. You will stop basing your enjoyment on others and start enjoying yourself, including your thoughts. 



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