Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Special Education Law and Books

Over the years in public and private schools, students with unique needs and special education services continue to change.  Disabilities are continuing to be identified differently and methodolgy has changed over the years.  In public schools, the push for students with special needs to be in a 'least restrictive environment' and have increased education in general education settings in on the rise.  

Students with all needs are being successful in accessing the general education environment because of their IEP (Individual Education Plan) implentation and laws such as FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) and IDEA.  All students have the right to be served in a public education setting and general education teachers continue to need to be more informed of how to incorporate special education student success in their classrooms. 

Over my 13 year career as a special education teacher, I have seen developments in the least restrictive environment law that continue to allow students with special needs strive in the classroom and the community.  The purpose of an IEP is for the individual student and assessing their needs to create a adults that may live a sustainable and managable way of life.  These resources will help inform you of new practices being implemented in special education services and how students with unique needs are best served.  

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