Sunday, December 14, 2014

Addiction, Family and Recovery

"He Didn't Have to Be" - Brad Paisley

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"Loving My Family, Life and Recovery" is an inspirational story about how I became a man in active recovery and having a loving, caring family.

As a father of 4, I am blessed with the opportunities and amazing grace to give, love, care, provide guidance and life lessons to my four wonderful, beautiful children.  You see, I met my wife 6 years ago and she had 3 kids from a previous marriage.  When we started to hang out and spend time together, I was amazed how she could be raising 3 wonderful kids by herself and teaching them the key elements of life.  This was God’s plan for my life to become part of this exhilarating family and to become a husband and a father.  After my wife and I were married for a year, we had a beautiful baby boy named Houston.  Now, we shared 4 kids and a wonderful life together.  From the day I met my wife’s kids, I accepted them into my heart and soul as my own, wanting to be the best father in the world, as they are the greatest kids full of life, inspiration and hope in the world....
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