Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eminem - Addiction, Music and Interviews

Eminem - Addiction and Music

Eminem is one of the biggest rap artists of all time having mountains of awards and multi-platinum albums that span across the world.  Eminem is an inspiration to millions because of his lyrics, song writing ability and insanely talented rapping.  His music always ceases to motivate millions through tough times and the good times.  Eminem's music is played at millions of sporting events, concerts, and other events around the world.  I listen to his music almost daily and have to same songs on repeat because his music is never tiring.  Tremendous meaning and stories are derived from his music and his lyrics are written in such a way they can be applied to your own personal life, no matter what adversity is in front of you.  

Bottom Line: Eminem is one of the best, if not the best poet, rapper and artist of all time.  He is a lyrical genius that inspires me through my recovery from addiction.

The Monster - Eminem

Not Afraid - Eminem 

Going Through Changes - Eminem

Deja Vu - Eminem

Eminem Interviews on Addiction

60 Minutes

Behind the Scenes


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