Sunday, September 18, 2016

Self Awareness - Foundation to Self Empowerment

Self Awareness is Essential to

Self Empowerment

Do you want to become more confident in your self-awareness, values, and skill set? 
In order to empower yourself to build strengthen your personal, and professional life, you must analyze four critical areas of self empowerment.

The core essential component of self empowerment is Self Awareness. 

The core of self empowerment is self-awareness.  Self awareness is an area where the entire process begins, and is the foundation to all other essentials of self empowerment. A person must understand their individual characteristics, and how he/she will interpret situations.  In identifying and understanding individual characteristics, a person is able to build on their power qualities, and become aware of characteristics that decrease effectiveness.  Self awareness in an analytical piece of the puzzle that increases conscientiousness, and enhances life in building knowledge from previous experiences.  

Self Empowerment 101:

In the book 'Self Empowerment 101', you will learn the key fundamentals of self empowerment by Dr. Rosie Kahn.  Dr. Kahn is the founder of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, and is the preeminent Thought Leader in the field of transformational coaching, coach training, and leadership development. 

'Self Empowerment 101' identifies and transforms the belief systems that hold us back in business, and in life.  Out of 18 reviews, Self Empowerment 101 has a 5 star rating on, and continues to be one of the best sellers in the field of psychology, and self improvement.

Self Empowerment 101 - By revealing specific beliefs that create resistance to being powerful and successful, you are then at a choice to shift those beliefs to something far more empowering.  This allows you to have what you say you want, with ease.  In Self-Empowerment 101, we decode interpretations that interfere with manifesting the life you are wanting; we investigate the real hostage takers, the ones that sabotages any movement beyond the edge of your comfort zone; fear of personal power, fear of success and fear of failure.  You'll explore your stand for invulnerability, which limits any willingness to reach beyong your safety zone.  We also investigate hope, faith, and knowing as essential traveling companions.  Empowering yourself to be with what most confronts you, with integrity and accountability, is the bottom line for self-empowered living. 

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