Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quotes of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Quotes to Empower Your Life

The term Mindfulness in regards to improve a person's psyche has been evolving in recent years. Mindfulness is now the specific term used by psychologists to look at how to train the mind to manage mental health disorders, such as anxiety.

The last meeting I had with my psychiatrist, he recommended several resources to implement mindfulness in my life.  He wants me to meet with a psychologist that uses specific therapy to incorporate the mindfulness mind-set, and suggested several books on the topic. 

Mindfulness is a new way of thinking I have developed, and continue to develop in my way of thinking. It has empowered me to live a less anxious life, with more motivation, and empowerment.  I use mindfulness quotes to remind me on a daily basis of this mindset that has been helpful on my journey of managing my anxiety.

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